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Full Service Maintenance

Full Service Maintenance (FSM) is an independently-owned and managed company providing professional janitorial and maintenance services in Toronto and surrounding areas for more than a decade.

We remain committed to delivering excellent service and satisfaction to all our clients. Daily, weekly and monthly service contracts and additional services available. To find out more or to get a quote, call us at 905-649-9926.

FSM provides a full range of expert cleaning services, available to be customized to meet your budget and cleaning needs. We are available to clean a wide variety of environments such as: business offices, clinics, malls, commercial, industrial and residential buildings as well as construction sites.

In addition to our interior building cleaning services, we offer renovations and repairs.

We can attribute much of the success of FSM to our staff’s dependability when it comes to providing excellent cleaning solutions to all our clients. We all take pride in our work, and everyone on the FSM team plays an important role in maintaining our stand as a leading provider of janitorial services in Pickering. As we strive to deliver a satisfactory service in all things janitorial, we continue to give our staff access to training and development programs that keep their cleaning and maintenance expertise in accordance with the industry standard.

Our team members not only perform their responsibilities well, but also maintain a keen eye for detail in various aspects of their tasks. We are proud to say that the FSM team is capable of providing a complete cleaning service and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness—truly one of the qualities that have allowed us to build a stellar reputation as one of the trusted mall maintenance companies in Durham.

Building Cleaning Experts

Our team understands that although maintaining the cleanliness of a work environment is crucial to the success of an enterprise, it is not always on the priority list of even the most high-performing organizations. For this reason, we keep our comprehensive range of professional cleaning services highly customizable and competitively priced to suit our clients’ unique needs and preferred price range.

When it comes to staff replacement, our superintendent and janitorial team are second to none. Not only are they suited to handle a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks—everyone on our roster possesses a complete skill set that enables them to take on added responsibilities and provide a complete service unlike any other.

It really is no secret that FSM has gone to great lengths to ensure that our team is always ready and able to provide the perfect janitorial solution. By offering daily, weekly and monthly service contracts and a list of additional services, we can effectively take away all the guesswork for our clients. This allows them to maintain an advantageous position where they can focus their time and resources on their enterprise’s truly essential responsibilities.

Our expertise does not stop at janitorial services. Our clients know that they can also trust FSM to go above and beyond in providing a full range of commercial property services. So, whether your organization is in need of landscape design, move-in and move-out cleaning in Pickering, or anything in between, you can count on the team at FSM to deliver unparalleled service, bar none.

Professional Waste Removal Services

Although normal garbage removal services are well-equipped to dispose of a broad range of items, there will always be situations where it’s easier, safer and more efficient to entrust this responsibility to another team of experts. That’s where the experienced commercial cleaning team of FSM comes in. When the items you’re discarding prove to be too many or too sizeable, our staff will be there to do the heavy lifting for you.

We have a growing list of clients from various industries that depend on us to carefully and effectively dispose of bulk and bulky items unsuitable for the average removal service. Our wide selection of options is sure to meet the needs of clients, no matter the amount or size of the items they need to discard. We are proud to say that our commercial bulk garbage removal services will continue to be sought-after in Durham and the Greater Toronto Area as a result of our strong commitment to making the process straightforward and hassle-free for our clients.

To learn more about the specific items we accept in bulk, simply give us a call at 905-649-9926. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with a quote.

In everything we do, exceeding expectations will always be one of our goals. Whether we are providing bulk garbage removal or a thorough office cleaning service, we do our best to deliver a satisfactory service that gives our clients peace of mind and enables them to better focus on their core responsibilities.

In addition to our janitorial expertise, FSM also carries a solid reputation for providing handyman services, snow and ice clearing services—held in high regard among residential properties, business centres, malls and many other types of clients because we always take full advantage of the equipment and supplies at our disposal.

Emergency Cleanup Specialists

In order to provide excellent professional commercial cleaning services, our highly experienced janitorial and maintenance team must be prepared to take on a wide variety of tasks in extraordinary circumstances. To achieve this, we spare no expense in providing training and development programs to ensure that our janitorial team remains fully proficient and equipped to handle emergency situations caused by all kinds of critical events.

Should your commercial building require a 24-hour emergency flood cleanup or any similar service, FSM will be ready to take your call. No matter the ordeal, you can depend on us to perform our responsibilities promptly and professionally. We will collaborate with you to get to the root of the issue, determine the most effective plan of action and ensure that no further damage is done to your environment.

Our staff always comes fully-equipped with the latest tools to provide any and all types of professional maintenance services, such as landscaping, restoration and repairs, eavestrough cleaning and many others. As our client, you can count on us to give your property a thorough service that will bring it back to a safe and clean working condition. At FSM, we see to it that everything in our capacity is done to restore and even improve the state of our clients’ indoor and outdoor environments.

We are proud to offer not just an extensive list of high-quality janitorial services, but also various building repairs and maintenance essentials to clients in Durham and the Greater Toronto Area. Don’t think twice about calling us to learn more about our window cleaning and repair work, eavestrough cleaning, power-washing and many other restoration services.

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Additional Services Available:

We offer all of the above and more at competitive rates, along with our firm commitment to our customers’ full satisfaction.

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